5 Things to Read on Health Care Innovation

The potential for patient health data to fuel innovation is the focus of several of this week’s health care innovation reads.

Government bets access to patient health data will encourage innovation

If patients have access to their data and can share it with researchers of their choice, it could give those third parties the ability to “develop cures that could save millions of lives,” according to Seema Verma, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Verma recently announced measures that would make it easier for patients to do just that. Read more from STAT News.

Apple vies to change the game on health record accessibility

iPhone users may soon be able to access their medical information right from their smartphones. Forty health systems and 300 hospitals have agreed to work with the tech giant to make that a reality through its Apple Health app. CNBC has the details.

Google, AMA offer $50,000 prize for innovative mobile health ideas

Companies that come up with new ways to use data generated by patients using mobile apps could win a share of a $50,000 prize, thanks to Google and the American Medical Association. “The challenge … will explore possible uses of mobile health technology to provide patients and physicians with a rich stream of medical data that is important for improving care and long-term wellness,” the AMA president said. Learn more from Becker’s Hospital Review.

How virtual medicine technologies could save billions

Using virtual health technologies during three care scenarios — the annual primary care visit, ongoing chronic disease management and self-care — has the potential to save $10 billion in the health care industry each year. A Harvard Business Review article breaks down how.

AI is underused in health care — where do new opportunities lie?

The U.S. health care system isn’t using machine learning and artificial intelligence to their full potential, a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded. The authors highlighted population health, evidence-based medicine and drug development as areas where AI could be implemented more thoroughly to drive savings. Read more from Healthcare IT News.


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5 Things to Read on Health Care Innovation

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Interested in ways we can make the
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Interested in ways we can make the health care system work better?